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Tim Balme of Dead Alive & Daron Beck

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 09:33, Aug 29 2014

Tim Balme of the Peter Jackson gorefest "Dead Alive"

Tim Balme and Daron Beck Download

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We opened the show with Tim Balme of the Peter Jackson gorefest "Dead Alive" for the 4th week of Zombie Month!
- New Zealand
- Braindead
- stories from the set
- the lawnmower scene
- Peter Jackson and the cast
- conventions
- Much more !!!

Artist of the Month Daron Beck:
Tracks for this podcast -
Rise by Pinkish Black
Bad Dreamer by Pinkish Black
Tell Her I'm Dead by Pinkish Black
Ashtray Eyes by Pinisk Black
Loss of Feeling of Loss by Pinkish Black

We then took calls and discussed zombies, films, what makes a zombie, what disqualifies a zombie, real zombies and the zombie apocalypse with the callers !!!

We closed the show with artist of the month Daron Beck of Pinkish Black!
- Touring with Goblin
- The Great Tyrant
- Pointy Shoe Factory tracks on Dragon Ball Z
- Pro wrestling
- Zombies
- horror
- TV
- being on American Idol
- So much more !!

Theme song by Strange Nocturnal:

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