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Stephen Lack of Scanners

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 03:25, Jul 19 2014

Stephen Lack of the David Cronenberg classic "Scanners"!

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We opened the show with Stephen Lack of the David Cronenberg classic "Scanners" going over:
- David Cronenberg
- The script being written during filming
- the ending
- a sequel idea
- Michael Ironside
- early independent films Rubber Gun and Montreal Main
- film and music industry
- much more including Stephen's current career as an artist, for more information on where you can see Stephen's work please visit www.stephenlackart.com

Artist of the Month The Casket Creatures:
Tracks for this podcast -
A Step Ahead of Death
Gore On The Dance Floor
Graveyard Girl
Vulture Eye

Then Bob Elmore of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 joined us with his weekly weather report and catching us up on the role of a stunt man in film. The history of stung men, and the injuries they go through, Dr. Giggles and more.

We then :
- reviewed episode of The Strain
- previewed Sharknado 2
- talked about The Roto Bator sex toy
- Avengers comic book reboot
- big news on Universal relaunching their classic horror monster films
- 12 Monkeys series coming to SyFy
- Mad Monster Party coming to Seattle
- too much more madness and amazement to list here so listen up kiddies !!!

Theme song by Strange Nocturnal:

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