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Ryan Cadaver of The Casket Creatures

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 19:59, Jul 11 2014

Ryan Cadaver, the vocalist of "The Casket Creatures"

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We opened the show with Ryan Cadaver, the vocalist of "The Casket Creatures" going over:
- Horror music
- Atlanta horror scene
- musical influences
- professional wrestling
- Universal Monsters
- the origins of the band
- goals
- tons more !!!

Artist of the Month The Casket Creatures:
Tracks for this podcast -
She Screams
Zombie Werewolves From Outerspace
Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

Then Troy joined Neal and Annabelle:
- "Scanners" getting a Criterion release
- American Horror Story Coven getting 17 Emmy nominations
- Hannibal being snubbed by the Emmys
- The Headless Horseman using a shot gun
- Cosplayers
- Steampunk
- Gremlins reboot
- Ian McKellen playing a 93 year old Sherlock Holmes
- The new Dr. Who and more !!!

We then closed out the show with:
- Poster art for the new Poltergeist
- Annabelle spin off film from The Conjuring
- Annabelle going over Ari Lehman's appearance Wednesday for the "Friday the 13th" screening at Let's B Reel !!!

Theme song by Strange Nocturnal:

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