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Cenobite Cocktail Contest

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 16:38, Jun 28 2014

Special edition of the show as we played the Cenobite Cocktail Contest from Atlantic City...listen as Simon Bamford (Butterball of Hellraiser) and Barbie Wilde (Deepthroat of Hellbound) drink and judge cocktails submitted by YOU !!! Nasty Neal bartends, Barbie acts as DJ and Annabelle drinks and shares stories with the gang. A really unique edition of the show.

Cenobite Cocktail Contest Download

Then the WYH crew went over:
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre re-release at the theatres
- Do you believe in Aliens ?
- Review Zombinator
- Woolies fetish ?!?
- The June winner revealed - awesome prize thanks the people at Don't Eat The Gum !!!
- "Dracula"'s real life tomb to be exhumed ?
- Tons more madness !!

Artist of the Month The Casket Creatures:
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Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
Gore on the Dance Floor
Lizzie's Song
Vulture Eye

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