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Annabelle Lecter takes a look at "First Date" and "Kitty, Kitty"

Posted in Movie News by Annabelle.Lecter at 18:40, Aug 11 2012

Upcoming indie movie maker Blair Richardson impresses a crabby Annabelle Lecter

Alright people let me be real. Neal and I have been watching an awful lot of shitty movies lately. My tolerance for crap hit the point last night where I made a deal with him that for every 2 garbage movies we look at we have to recuperate with one decent movie even if we've already seen it before.

That being said, I was browsing the feeds today and came across a link to Blair Richardson's horror short "First Date". There wasn't any review on the link, just a warning that there is some "brief nudity". Well, the length was going to make the experience quick enough, so why not give it a go. I gritted my teeth and pushed play.

Right off the bat comes the nudity. In spite of being tastefully done, it was not really fueling my hopes. "Where is this going? UGH!" To be fair, Blair had done nothing wrong and in retrospect the opening is perfect for what was to come. In fact the more I think about it the more joy I get from it... the tease factor followed by the punishment. Oh, you'll see...

Yes folks, in a sea of Scheisze this is one creation that got me to smile. Perfectly done. A short story that was meant to be short. No dragging itself out for the sake of being feature length. Excellent. Refreshing.

So, what else has she done? I was eager to find out and did a bit of looking and found that she really hasn't got any other work out there yet. BUT she is already working on another short feature, "Kitty, Kitty". She gives a teaser of what to expect along with a very authentic and unoffensive appeal for funding here:

Truly, watching "First Date" and seeing her plans for "Kitty, Kitty" has restored a bit more of my faith in original and creative *and judiciously lengthed* horror storytelling. Completely impressed by her ambitions and wish her all of the best.

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