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Launch Over Podcast - Episode 1

Posted in Launch Over by Neal at 19:02, Aug 04 2020

Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein of Launch Over share insights into the creative process, discussing and analyzing the movies they watch and the movies they make.

Episode 1 Notes:

Launch Over Podcast - Episode 1
August 4, 2020


Breakdown of the Show and Related Links:
0:00 Introduction

0:40 What We're Watching (Sophia)(Michael)

5:00 Michael talks Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey on The Hold-Up with Stephen Stull

8:00 Launch Over News:

8:20 Drab EP and video

9:10 Emerald Comets "Strangelands" with Sophia vocals

10:00 Sick 'N' Wrong Film Festival

12:20 Shiny Diamonds

12:45 Darling Pet Monkey

13:30 Darling Pet Munkee

14:20 Pride

16:30 Sick 'N' Wrong Brief Highlights

20:30 GenreBlast

22:05 Night Kisses

23:10 1000 Women in Horror

25:00 Women of Rock Oral History Project

26:50 The Once and Future Smash

28:30 The Ungovernable Force

30:54 Half-Cocked streaming showcase

32:00 Bigfoot Does Not Exist! An introduction to the fundamental principles of statistics, science, and logic

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