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Trista Robinson and South Texas Underground Film Festival

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 13:18, Jan 31 2020

Trista Robinson currently of the much talked about "Echoes of Fear"! Robert Perez of South Texas Underground Film Festival!

Trista Robinson and South Texas Underground Film Festival Download

Trista Robinson returned!
- "Echoes of Fear" from the festival run to VOD to coming to BluRay in March
- "Purgatory Road"
- playing a villain vs hero
- secret film she did with Neal recently
- acting techniques
- the horror genre
- watching horror with her father
- sexy/slutty Halloween costume ideas for Nasty Neal
- Michael Epstein and Sophia Cacciola
- Mark Savage
- Brian and Lo Avenent-Bradley
- pro wrestling
- so much more, such a fun time!

Robert Perez joined us!
- South Texas Underground Film Festival 8 that just happened
- independent film
- The Alamo Drafthouse
- the upcoming STUFF 9
- the future of STUFF
- sneak peaks at awards and more!
- get your submissions in now for STUFF 9!

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