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CG Sharks and 3D Chainsaws!!!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 02:32, Sep 28 2019

MaJaMa the guys who created "Bad CGI Sharks" and Dan Yeager "Leatherface" of "Texas Chainsaw 3D"!!!

CG Sharks and 3D Chainsaws!!! Download

Matthew Ellsworth, Matteo Molinari and Jason Ellsworth MaJaMa creators of "BAD CGI SHARKS"
- how they met
- the origins of Bad CGI Sharks
- the dialogue
- the actual CGI
- horror movies
- bad movies
- SyFy movies
- the reaction to the movie and more!

Dan Yeager "Leatherface" of "Texas Chainsaw 3D"!
- getting the role of Leatherface
- John Luessenhop
- Gunnar Hansen
- Alexandra Daddario
- filming in 3D
- why no "Massacre"?
- proposed sequels
- "Zombie Bear Attack" and more!
- come and meet Dan in person at Rock and Shock

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