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Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 11:40, Sep 12 2019

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

of "Marta" by The Headless Critic

Marta – 2019

You only have one life to live, you should chase your dreams while you’re here. Marta (Thaïs Blume) dreams of being a serial killer. A smaller woman in stature she likes taller, skinnier men so she can carry their bodies easier. She wants Carlos (Daniel Pérez Prada) to be her first victim. A woman can’t be a serial killer can she? Well this woman has you tied to a chair at the end of her butcher knife. As Carlos tries to convince Marta that her desire to kill is just a female hormonal imbalance, she reminds him how Timon and Pumba tricked a lion into eating bugs so he didn’t eat them. You’re not always what you were raised to be. She’s an angelic face with a deadly desire.

The second short film in the director's chair for Spain's Lucía Forner’s comes at the end of a butcher knife. Marta defies stereotypes that still exist in most parts of the world about the roles of gender in our society. Just because most don’t, doesn’t mean that one can’t. Dialogue driven with two actors and the realistic drama of a potentially real world situation, Marta is an excellent display of independent horror filmmaking with an important message. Be who you want to be, even if you aren’t accepted by society. Live as yourself or kill trying.

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

4 out of 5 Headless Critics

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