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Lisa Langlois and Best and Worst of 2018!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 12:50, Jan 06 2019

Lisa Langlois of "Class of 1984" and our 6 6 6 best and worst horror films of 2018!

Lisa Langlois Download

Lisa Langlois joined the show!
- "Class of 1984"
- Roddy McDowell
- problems with the movie off set
- school violence
- the punk scene
- Michael J. Fox
- "Happy Birthday to Me"
- rise of the slashers
- "Deadly Eyes"
- Toronto
- changes in the movie business and more!

The "The Headless Critic" joined "Nasty" Neal and "Terrible" Troy for their 6-6-6 best and worst horror films of 2018!

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15:48, Feb 15 2019

I've loved her for 35 years!!! BIRTHDAY was my 1st exposure to her, followed by 1984 and THE NEST.

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