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Bill Oberst and Debra Lamb

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 02:04, Feb 02 2018

Scream Queen Debra Lamb of the upcoming James Balsamo film "The Litch" and Bill Oberst Jr. of the upcoming "Death House"!

Bill Oberst and Debra Lamb Download

Scream Queen Debra Lamb opened the show!
- upcoming James Balsamo film "The Litch"
- eating fire in "Wild at Heart" and "Point Blank"
- upcoming projects
- "Plane Trains and Automobiles"
- horror flicks
- improv comedy and more!

Bill Oberst then returned!
- the upcoming "Death House"
- "Hell's Kitty" from web series to feature
- "Age of the Living Dead"
- the benefits of a different look
- love of the genre
- plans for a Ray Bradbury project and much more!

The Headless Crew finished out the show:
- the upcoming MadMonster.com convention in 2 weeks in Charlotte!
- "Black Panther"
- 2018 horror flicks we are looking forward to and more!

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Our new theme song by The Tomb of Nick Cage
"Miss Frankenstein" and "Heartless Horsemen" by Venus De Vilo!

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