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Dieter Laser signs on for Human Centipede 3

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 04:25, Jan 08 2013

Director Tom Six promised his Twitter followers some big Human Centipede news and he delivered. Dieter Laser, star of "Human Centipede", has ended his legal battles with Tom Six and will be appearing in "Human Centipede 3".

For "Human Centipede" fans this huge news. Laurence Harvey who played the villain "Martin Lomax" in Part 2 was already announced for the third installment. Now, officially, "Dr. Heiter" the villain of the original film will also be a part of the finale. That is of course, if they are playing their original roles...

Filming begins in May.

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08:32, Jan 08 2013

I read yesterday that they are not in their original roles:


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