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Michael Aguiar!

Writer & director of The Laughing Mask!

Dinner & A Movie Friday the 13th

Neal and Annabelle review Friday the 13th films from the woods?!

All Through The House!

Listen to the director and cast of the Christmas time horror film!

Joe Pilato

"Rhodes" of the George Romero classic "Day of the Dead"!

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Sunday Summining!

Posted in WYH News by Neal at 15:11, Nov 29 2015

Without Your Head Horror Radio presents SUNDAY SUMMONING! Tonight and every Sunday @5E/2P sit down and listen to vintage horror radio! Ghost stories, radio drama, Sci-Fi tales and more from yesteryear!

Tonight we have the 1943 Lux Radio Theater Cecil B. Demille production of "Phantom of the Opera" starring Basil Rathbone!

Listen now!

Sal Lizard needs your help!

Posted in WYH News by Neal at 17:26, Nov 28 2015

Long time friend of WYH Sal Lizard recently had a stroke and needs financial help while he is unable to work as he recovered.

If you can please help Sal via his GoFundMe campaign gofundme.com/habde9ws

Listen to our 2013 interview with Sal playing now!

Listen now via TuneIn!

Listen now!

Michael Aguiar of The Laughing Mask

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 19:33, Nov 27 2015

Michael Aguiar the director and writer of "The Laughing Mask"!

Michael Aguiar Download

Sunday Summoning : Black Cat

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 19:25, Nov 27 2015

Peter Lorre's 1947 radio drama of Edgar Allan Poe's "Black Cat", vintage commercials and theme by Sam Haynes!

Black Cat Download

Michael Aguiar of The Laughing Mask tonight!

Posted in WYH News by Neal at 18:23, Nov 27 2015

Michael Aguiar writer and director of The Laughing Mask tonight @9PM EST and the music of Don Pettit!

Listen now via TuneIn!

Listen now!

Human Centipede Goodie Bag

Posted in Merchandise by Neal at 08:43, Nov 27 2015

Get your Without Your Head Human Centipede themed goodie bag! Guaranteed to get the Human Familypede Sticker by Annabelle Lecter, the Human Familypede "100% Family Values" pin/button and the Dr. Heiter and Martin Lomax caricature pins by Troy Jones! Plus a collection of promotional stickers and pins from WYH, Goblinhaus and Atomic Cotton! A tube of chapstick from Dr. McGillicuddy's in case you find yourself in a Human Centipede! A signed photo of either Annabelle or Nasty Neal. Every bag will also have one bonus item which is picked randomly from DVDs, CDs, buttons, one of a kind items and more! Everyone comes in a nice poop bag...unused of course!

All for only $10 plus shipping $2 in the states, $5 Canada and $8 worldwide! All proceeds go into funding WYH.


Human Familypede Sticker Only $5

Posted in Merchandise by Neal at 08:40, Nov 27 2015

Halloween is around the corner...now is the time to get one, or three, or a dozen!

PayPal $5 USD withoutyourhead@gmail.com

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INTRUDERS coming in January

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 03:20, Nov 24 2015

Intruders in Theaters and on VOD on January 15, 2016!

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All Through The House

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 02:37, Nov 20 2015

All Through the House Director Todd Nunes and stars "Killer" Lito Velasco, "Rachel" Ashley Mary Nunes, "Gia" Natalie Montera & "Sheila" Jessica Cameron joined us!

All Through The House Download

Dinner & A Movie : Friday the 13th & Jason Lives

Posted in Dinner & A Movie by Neal at 02:10, Nov 19 2015

Dinner and A Movie Episode 40: Friday the 13th from The Rocky Woods Reservation
Neal Jones and Annabelle Lecter the original Friday the 13th and Part VI : Jason Lives outside at the Rocky Woods Reservation thanks to Coolidge @fter Midnite!

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