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R.A. Mihailoff


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00:20, Aug 20 2010

MP3 Version
We opened the show with R.A. Mihailoff for an awesome 2 hour interview covering:
- Getting the role of Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
- His contract involving sequels
- The original TCM and part 2
- The silver Excalibur-esque Chainsaw
- Working with Vigo Mortenson, Jeff Burr, Kate Hodge and Ken Foree
- The big battle scene
- Talks of unmasking in TCM 3
- Gore, death scenes and so much more from the making of TCM 3
- His upcoming role in Hatchet 2
- How he got the role
- Working with Kane Hodder on and off screen
- Working with director Adam Green
- The big finale fight scene between his character and Victor Crowley
- Tony Todd in Hatchet 2
- The return of the Battle questions
- The Hollywood Ghost Hunters and tons more so check it out kiddies !!
- Check out these sites while you're at it:

"The Saw Is Family" song provided by Ron Hexe of The Ghoul Squad

In the post show Nasty Neal, Terrible Troy and Jittery John took some questions from the chat and talked some current news including:
- Favorite horror video games
- Video games turned into film
- Piranha 3D and how much we want to see it
- Ving Rhames current interview promoting Piranha 3D
- 2010 Moby Dick and the killer whale
- Vampires Suck
- Other random goodness !!

Quit your reading and listen now !!

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